The Ottbox!

Being associated with dope and creative people inspires me more than just about anything else.  Those people who aren’t necessarily famous but are doing something that others aren’t doing and that the more well known people are taking notice off.  In the DJ world and particularly the record box designing world, King Otto might very well be the best in the business with his custom line of Ottobox.  Fashionably done carrying cases for you 45’s, 12’s and even turntable cases, the styles can go as far as your imagination can reach.

A one-man operation who thinks, operates and delivers top notch product with a high quality standard that definitely gets the seal of approval from previous buyers as well as the board of the CBRA (Custom Record Box Association).  His latest works that have made headlines are his Pendleton lined with 100% virgin wool and the Goyard turntable cases designed for the man who knows the finer things in life, Dava Mata of Soul Summit Chicago.

If you’re looking for something custom and unique then be sure to check out the Butta Brother King Otta via his IG page @djkingotto.