Raekwon – Fresh For 2018 Shit!

It’s rare that we give spotlight to anything that’s not a physical release either via vinyl or cassette but when it comes to Wu Tang Clan, anything goes especially when it’s from the Chef Raekwon.  One of the most consistent members of the clan and in Hip Hop in general, Rae always seems to have something popping weather on the low or way above ground.  Two tracks recently surfaced via his label ICEH20 Records Soundcloud page featuring the the Chef and it’s pure Rae uncut and at his finest.  “The Biz” produced by Big Snipe Beats has that 1995 featured on a Doo Wop mixtape type feel and samples “Nobody Beats The Biz” with class while “The Sky”, produced by RoadsArt could definitely hold it’s own as a single or album cut for the future.