Magic In Threes – Finnish Funk

There’s something about hearing music that’s composed today and knowing that it would’ve been perfect for sampling 20 years ago, yet understand that it quite possibly could be a future dig for some 10,15, 20 years down the line and still sound as refreshing as the first day you heard it.  Nashville Tennessee’s Magic In Threes is one of those bands that create amazing cinematic style works that fit that very criteria and then some.  Coming in off of their previous release on the King Underground label, Magic In Threes hit another home run in the Library’esque department with their latest 45, “Finnish Funk”.  All around super duty work and heavy on the drums with full on arrangements that could rival some of the best found on your Favorite Library LPs but in a 2018 fashion. The flip side, “Shot Through The Grease” definitely has that late night, Quiet Storm on the FM dial jazzy appeal to it that quite honestly needs to get the full 8-minute 12″ version to really let it breath.

If soundtracks and Library LPs are your thing, then this is something that you really should look into adding to the crate selections.  Hitting the bins and available now via