The Expansions – Breakthrough

Sometimes a release comes out that you’re interested in, it slips your mind and pow, it’s sold out before you had a chance to write about it or even grab a copy.  Luckily I can call in a favor on an occasion and secure a copy and still tell you the reader about it and hopefully you’ll dig it and score one for yourself.  Back in December via the Albert’s Favourites label, The Expansions dropped their Jazz-funk gem “Breakthrough” which has been making noise across the U.K. and from tastemakers who are known for making and breaking records and it’s a 4:21 second listen that will take you ear drums on a serious ride.  The flip features “Breakthrough Beats” which is a stripped down version of drums, percussion and sharp baseline, a nice reason for doubles for those of you into that sort of thing.

Sold out on the labels site but should be easily obtainable on the secondary market.