Live Convention 82

Over the last few weeks I’ve been finally transferring some of my classic park jam and party cassette tapes over to digital for preservation purposes and in the process, having lengthy conversations with some of my fellow collectors and people who were at some of these functions. Listening to these live recordings of tapes from NY and Philly with some of the best names on the mic and turntables always make for a nostalgic trip back into time but one of the most beloved recordings actually comes from an unusual source for live recordings, on vinyl.  Live Convention 82 is widely considered as one of  ultimate showcase recording of what was happening in 1982 and how things used to go down. Featuring the likes of Fantastic Romantic 5 with Grand Wizard Theodore, DJ AJ, Chief Rocker Busy B, this recording never fails to excite me every time I drop the needle down.

Check out side one of the 12″ here