31 Releases of 2017 Pt. 28 – Skeme Richards

I have always been one who believes in following and upholding traditions and understanding that DJ’s are not only the source of bringing people together but also an educator of sorts.  And when it comes to both tradition and educating, the mixtape has always been a focal point of both.  Following in a long line of others in the field, I do my best to continue to release mixtapes that both unearth rare gems as well as breaking new ones that will eventually become digs of the future.  Not one to really toot my own horn but on this 28th day of my 31 days in January of releases from 2017 that you might have missed out on or slept on, I’m adding my New Library Sounds cassette to the list.  Released through Philly’s Record Breakin’ Music label, the tape is filled with Library’esque 45’s and LP’s recorded by some of this generations finest musicians and composers.  Highly recommended if you love the genre, cinema or are looking for new things to sample from, this is for you!