The Preservation Project EP

Remember the days of not knowing what an album sounds like before buying it but trusting your gut instinct based on the cover or solely on knowing that the label is known for releasing quality music. A time before portables and sound clips that would lead to not being surprised when you arrived home and cut the shrink-wrap in a now  microwave era that we are accustomed to.  Well today might be the day that you have to use your Spidey senses and trust your instincts on the upcoming and not too far off release from The Preservation Project.  The label who is known for debuting previously unreleased gems pulled from reels and acetates and pressing to 45 are set to release their first EP of what presently seems to be hush hush as far as the band name and track listing.

“Please note, track snippets as well as artists’ names and track titles will be revealed as we get closer to release. You are pre-ordering the EP (PP12005) based upon the description below. This 12″ 180g EP ships in July, following the 7″ (PP005) which ships in June. The 7” (PP005) will contain 2 of the 4 tracks found on this EP, with the remaining 2 tracks exclusive to this EP (PP12005). “

Get ready for some deep funk offset by a blues-driven spiritual ballad. PP12005 has all the makings of an instant classic.

Side A jumps off with the theme song of a band that has big things in mind. It takes you on a horn-driven joy ride that’s part James Brown and part psychedelia. Midway through, the singer calls for help from “Mr. Guitar Man” — enter some guitar stabs that fit the vibe perfectly, and you’ve got yourself some original deep funk with a psychedelic tinge.

Next, we continue the party with “Untitled” – an instrumental that shifts focus from horns to guitar. Backed by organ and the signature funky bass line, the group is tight and deep in the pocket on this one – making it a perfect companion to sets that include “It Ain’t Fair But It’s Fun” by the Fabulous Originals, or “My Mind Set Me Free” by House Guests. Both first tracks on either side could have easily been spun by Keb Darge at his legendary Madam Jojo’s party back in the day.

Flipping over to Side B, we move into the EP-exclusive vocal performance TO BE ANNOUNCED. It’s a spiritual ballad with a bluesy feel that stays true to gospel roots. The message is universal as the female singer presents practical steps to creating a better world in this stunningly beautiful track.

Closing up shop on Side B is an EP-exclusive instrumental of TO BE ANNOUNCED. Taking on a life all its own, it is a vibrant and uplifting theme, offering the ideal wind down our first EP release.

How could such fine funk and soul be lost to the sands of time? While we know nothing about the EP-exclusive tracks, we do know that the others came from the same stew as The New York Underground Funk Band (see PP001), and were recorded sometime in the 70s in New York or New Jersey.

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