Unown & DJ Ragz – Pasta & Wings

If you know me or have been following my world adventures of food and music, then you know I love both of the equally and they are the two things that connect people better than anything else and I guess that I’m not the only person that agrees.  About to make it’s cassette deck debut for all you foodies and good music lovers out there is the new beat tape “Pasta & Wings” from the duo of Unown & DJ Ragz who got into the kitchen and turned out some marvelous musical sh*t!

“Music and food just go together.  You’re in a take-out spot waiting for your order.., music.  In the corner store to grab a six pack and snacks.., music.  Ragz and Unown capture that pairing and take you on an audio journey through a culinary world.  Their first installment, “Pasta & Wings” is a concept project with a 90’s era hip-hop instrumental vibe that finds Unown handling the beat duties on the MPC and DJ Ragz on the cut.”

If you’re looking for something to fill your soul, then head over to Common Good Records and grab a copy as your background theme while you’re in the kitchen creating your own