Calvin Carr & Company – Without Christ

Switzerland’s High Jazz Records returns with another low key but essential reissue and one with roots stemming from right here in my own backyard of Philadelphia.  Superb, heartwarming and spirit lifting gospel disco modern soul 45 “Without Christ”  from Calvin Carr & Company originally released in 1978 on Philadelphia United Records remains a relatively unknown gem on the TCS “Philadelphia United Records” subsidiary label.

Born and raised in Philadelphia, gospel singer, songwriter, arranger, pianist, band leader and producer Calvin Carr (now a Minister of the Gospel) possessed excellent ears for music at a very young age.  The sounds of music that shaped his life were the sounds of his early church singing experience. He began playing the piano at the age of 9, continued his work in music throughout high school, composing, singing in different churches, learned how to executive produce and ended up working for the TCS Music Company under the direction of its founder Mr. Tony Carter displaying the talents of Philadelphia’s local artists such as Gabriel Hardeman Delegation, The Young Delegation, Little Samm & The Flying Clouds Jrs., Gwen Carter, The Collins Sisters and Brockington Singers.

Available world wide via High Jazz Records

Calvin Car