Bacao Rhythm & Steel Band – Xxplosive b/w Burn

Big Crown Records doing what they do best when it comes to their highly anticipated releases and setting things up for another 45 sure shot from Bacao Rhythm & Steel Band taking on another familiar tune and totally making it their own.  On the upcoming double sider you’ll notice the running theme thats rather “dyn-o-mite” to say the least with the A-side taking a West Coast classic from the Dr. himself and enhancing it with smashing drums and steel pans playing the lead and bass lines on “Xxplosive”. You can almost hear Nate Dogg’s vocal hook being recited as things get into full swing. Flip the 7 over and we’re back on the East Coast where it’ll be 90+ degrees before you know it so it’s only fitting that the band takes on the Mobb Deep classic, “Burn” for the summer season.

Available July 6th via