Diggin Kobe with Skeme Richards

One of my favorite cities to travel to with in Japan for many reasons is Kobe. Everything from the difference in culture, to the food, people and just the overall relaxed vibe is something thats different from other cities. While in Kobe a few months back, I got to catch up with a few friends that I hadn’t seen for a bit and also hang out with my tour guide, promoter and DJ friend for the Tricolour party, Erika who took me around to some of my favorite shops to buy a few things for the collection. ¬†From records to VHS tapes, vintage toys to wares and everything in between that captures my attention. Traveling is fun but carrying, packing and shipping all of the things you find on tour is not.

Here’s a brief recap of my 2+ hour train ride from Tokyo to Kobe for a weekend adventure.