Shofuso Japanese House and Garden

With the exception of taking the dogs for their daily walks, I’ve been pretty much locked in the crib, revisiting movies, music and books while continuing to create content for fans to read and enjoy as well as listen to on my new streaming app on NerveFM. As much as I love being at home and away from the world unless it’s to travel or DJ, at some point the walls start to close in and you need to get out and see something new. With the pandemic that’s going on, it’s making it difficult to even want to do that but with the weather breaking and this past Sunday being a ridiculously gorgeous day, we stepped out for a moment to the Shofuso Japanese House in my neighborhood. Sadly, I was supposed to be in Japan for my annual tour at the moment which is prime cherry blossom season but this past Sunday park stroll slightly made up for it and gave me a piece of serenity.

Opened in 1954, Shofuso, also known as Japanese House and Garden, is a traditional 17th century-style Japanese house with a stream filled with coy fish and surrounded by cherry blossoms. The perfect place to spend an hour walking around the garden in peace.