Jimi Tenor / Tony Allen – Moogin At The Cafe

Moog Recordings Library has started a new series of vinyl releases featuring recorded works, sessions, concerts, and audio experiments by a host of legendary musicians utilizing The Moog Sound Lab UK. Each of the first releases is an album length session recorded at The Moog Sound Lab UK, an open loan studio from Moog Music Inc (USA) designed to encourage the making of new electronic works and to welcome UK based artistic and public access with the aim to broaden experimentation and practical hands-on knowledge with high spec analogue electronic instruments.

One of the volumes that caught our attention is titled “Moogin At The Cafe” which features a pair of musical giants. Scandinavian funk and jazz wizard Jimi Tenor, and the legendary Afro Funk drummer Tony Allen – coming together here in a set of duos that are way more than the sum of their parts! Tony plays live drums, and Jimi adds in lots of keyboards and electronics, plus saxophone as well – and the result is a nicely offbeat take on funky territory – maybe a bit like some of the work that Tony Allen was first doing when he reemerged on the French scene in the late 90s, with almost some of the skittish grooves you’d expect to hear from Can during their classic years.

Available via https://cargorecordsdirect.co.uk/collections/moog-recordings