The Drop – S.B. Diner (Kobe, Japan)

Recently while in Japan for my Magma Taishi Returns tour, good friend, DJ and promoter Erika told me that she wanted to take me to try the best burger in Kobe and that the owner was a big fan of mine as well as a lover of funk & soul music. So what happens when lovers of both burgers and soul music finally meet? A long Saturday night of playing the Tricolour party dropping heavy tunes followed by a Sunday after at S.B. Diner sampling and discussing those two passions.

S.B. Diner is the size space that sits approximately 15 people comfortably has great vintage decor with a very 50’s diner feel but set in Japan and of course has a fine selection of funk & soul tunes playing in the background. The menu is packed with a selection of burgers ranging from the classic to more specialized variations that go more extreme. As always, I opt for the signature or classic which is a rather simple burger with bacon and one that you can never go wrong with. Since we’re in Kobe and Kobe beef is some of the finest in the world, the quality of the burger was on point and you could taste the freshness throughout which is why I prefer to keep my choices simple and not filled with all the extra topics that cover up the natural flavors.  Since we’re keeping things classic, a side of fries which were fried to perfection and a cold Coke to top things off.

If you’re in Kobe, S.B. Diner is highly recommended for both the burgers and experience.