Drums: Food Clothing Shelter (Various Artists)

The Culture Power 45 label had a top notch 2018 with their sold out releases of quality Hip Hop featuring not your average type of producers, MC’s and vocalists that captured our attention and had our ears open. Always in collaboration and sharing the spotlight with their collective of artists, their upcoming LP “Drums: Food Clothing Shelter” continues their catalog of ear delights with a 15 tracker of head nod sure shots to get you open and once again stamp their position as something you should be checking for.

“As youth growing up experiencing multiple adventures we shift from Helena, Arkansas to other communities. Music was the guide, no Green Book necessary. With drums surging through the ride, there is understanding of its origins, which are from traditions of Africa. The essence transported with the Middle Passage. Language of history, are the words used by the artists on this compilation. Many excursions have transpired by the featured artists. We the escaped souls making migrations to Calumet City, Compton, Detroit, the Bronx by way of Cameroon, Ibadan, Nigeria transporting to Little Rock, Philadelphia, and Memphis. Our music conjures rhythms ranging from Skip James, Cheick Seck, and Ornette Coleman. Traveling passing mounds to row houses but arriving at empty lots. The album covers visual imagery from a lot of emptiness but there is still soul that provides food, shelter and clothing; wrapped with love and support and glimpses of a brighter future.”