The White Blinds – Sing A Simple Song

F-Spot Records slides in quietly on this 45 Friday with an announcement of their up coming release featuring The White Blinds who only just a few months ago delivered a series full length LP that should have already made it’s way into your listening rotation.  The new 45 is another thing of beauty taking on the classic, “Sing A Siple Song” and doing a proper cover version slightly beefed up, that will surely sound great on a sound system.

Flip things over to the b-side and they come with a completely original tune with “Klapp Back” which takes elements of soul, jazz, funk, and latin melodic elements mashed up into another dance floor hit. We love cover versions that are done well but hearing bands turn out original tunes that will hopefully be cover years down the line by another band is equally as important to us so this 7″ is the total package of both new and newly done.

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