Lower East Side Tokyo

Spent the day yesterday with the fam rolling through the streets of Lower Eastside Tokyo and hitting up some of our favorite food places and nostalgic spots. One of the must visits while riding our bikes through the busy weekend traffic was the old school arcade which sat next to the old school theater which only showed Yakuza and Porn films but sadly is no longer there.  The arcade is a blast from the past and one that I’m sure plenty of kids have spent countless hours in. Situated along the walls were all vintage pachinko machines with the center showcasing a row of pinball style sit down games that were made in 1959. The pachinko machines definitely made me smile because I actually got one in 1978 as a Christmas gift which I still have. Might need to go home and load it up and give it a play.

The owners of the arcade were a couple who had been there for years and you can tell how happy they are and they type of joy that being there brings them. Definitely going to miss this type of positive attitude that exists here when back stateside but definitely going to try and carry it over and make it last for as long as possible.