Renaldo Domino – Never Thought

Essential cool out vibes that made it’s way to Nostalgia King in the form of a test press promo a month or so back which just happened to fly over to Japan with us on tour and now ready to touch turntables and dance floors worldwide. The latest drop “Never Thought” from Renaldo Domino via the Happy As A Lark label with the extra assist from the legendary Lone Ranger adding the toast.

“The song has a distinctive soulfulness that resonated strongly with our musical tastes, and it wasn’t long before a lush vocal melody began to reveal itself – but who to sing it? In our musical escapades we’ve been fortunate enough to meet and work with many legendary artists – and it wasn’t long before the obvious choice came to mind in the form of Chicago soul legend Renaldo Domino (who we’ve been trying to fit into the right project for quite some time).”

“And while falsetto vocals over a reggae track are nothing new (i.e. Junior Soul aka Junior Murvin amongst many others), the distinctive sweet-soul style of Renaldo’s voice (see ‘Not Too Cool To Cry’ on the Twinight label) tilts this track definitively into a bubbly summertime, topdown, cruising kind-of-jam.”