Barack Obama’s Game-Worn Punahou Jersey At Auction

Many people many not know, but President Barack Obama was once a rather good athlete and basketball player during his high school years and played for Punahou during the 1978-79 season. During his playtime, he wore number 23 and helped his team take home the 1979 Hawaii State Championship. There’s another legendary player who also wore #23 which is of course Michael Jordan and both have become legendary in their own right.  Obama’s high school jersey has recently been spotted up for auction  by a fellow student, Peter Noble who was 3 years younger but reclaimed the jersey and will be listing it for sale alongside a yearbook and school journal which features photos of Obama wearing the jersey during the game.

The auction is listed on the Heritage Auctions site and expected to reach the $100,000 mark when it’s all said and done.