Debre Damo Dining Orchestra – 3DO

One of my favorite bands that seems to always sneak up quietly when it’s time to release a new album is Copenhagen’s Debre Damo Dining Orchestra with their signature style of Ethio-jazz. “3DO” is the third album in their catalog since their debut full length in 2016 and we can hear their progression and growth in style and sound taking it to a very cinematic and electronic stage. Still lush with strings and plenty of horns, their foundations are very much in tact while connecting spiritual jazz elements which makes 3DO somewhat different, yet very much in the same vein as their previous outings.

Debra Damo Dining Orchestra “3DO” is definitely one for those who enjoy being challenged in every way and look for less of the obvious and more of the sunrise factor of something new and exciting. A recommended listen and rotation staple for those who dig just a little deeper.