Prolific Marvel Comics Artist Ron Wilson

It’s been a quite sometime since I’ve been to a good old fashion comic con in the way that I remembered going to them during the early 80’s when I attended my first gatherings. Now when I say “old fashion comic con” I mean minus the heavy influence of what it’s become with the overly glitz and glamour and presence of Hollywood and it’s big budget films and cosplay that seems to have taken the attention away from the actual comic books. Usually held in Hotel convention rooms packed with dealers selling boxes of comic back issues, movie tie-in’s and more plus the occasional special guest artists doing signings and commissions.

Making the early Sunday morning run with the Philly homie Ron who co-owns Good Guyz Toys & Comics in Whittier California (and who wore the crazy “Murder She Wrote” set jacket), the mission was simple, get in, score a few gems and meet prolific artist Ron Wilson. A legend in the industry, it was great to chat with Ron about his passion for art, favorite books that he’s drawn and what he has coming up in the future. Having drawn some amazing titles over the years, Ron’s name isn’t mentioned nearly enough in my opinion but his output of work is on par with many of the regularly thrown around names that seem to make the rounds.

Known for his work on the Marvel character, The Thing (Fantastic Four) and also the titles Marvel Two-in-One and The Thing, Wilson spent eleven years, from 1975 to 1986, chronicling The Thing’s adventures through different comic titles. Wilson entered the comics industry in the early 1970s at Marvel Comics where he produced both cover illustrations and interior artwork. He was the regular artist on Marvel Two-in-One from 1975–1978 and again from 1980–1983; while additionally working on titles such as Black Goliath, Power Man, The Hulk! and Captain Britain. In the 1980s, after the cancellation of Marvel Two-in-One, Wilson teamed with writer / artist John Byrne on The Thing (1983–1986) and in 1983 he plotted and drew “Super Boxers” (Marvel Graphic Novel #8). He drew the entire run of Marvel’s Masters of the Universe (1986–1988) and the Wolfpack limited series (1988–1989) who he co-created with Larry Hama. Wilson’s work also appeared in The Avengers, Captain America, Deadly Hands of Kung Fu, and What If.