Black Love In Marvel’s Romance Comics

Valentine’s Day was last week and it is Black History month so what better time to dig into some nostalgia that covers both topics at once? As a kid growing up in the 1970’s romance comics seemed to be a big thing amongst teens, something that I wasn’t necessarily into because of my age at the time and preferred more super hero based stories and characters. But as I got older and started digging a back into comics that I had neglected prior years, I noticed that there were some very heavy things going on that seemed out of the ordinary. Although there were Black super heroes, there were also everyday Black characters reflecting real life that from time to time you would find on the pages.

One of the more popular titles was “Our Love” by Marvel Comics which featured the works of Stan Lee, Gene Colan, and John Romita and in this particular issue, there was a short story following the main characters Mindy who craved the attention of her boyfriend, Allan Stone who is an up and coming social worker for the Family Service Bureau and has a hectic schedule which takes time away from Mindy. Without giving the story away, Mindy’s younger brother Skip gets into some trouble which Allan helps him out of.

This is just one of the few stories in Marvel’s popular series of romance comics that reflected and told stories geared towards Black readers. Dig into the story below.but hey 1 but hey 2 but hey 3 but hey 4 but hey 5 but hey 6 but hey 7