Children Of Zeus – Royal b/w Get What’s Yours

The UK’s Children Of Zeus continue to deliver musically refreshing sounds to the Hip Hop / Soul genres in an era where things have become so cliche’. Their sound is nostalgic yet new in every way with a dynamic approach on making sure the spectrum of flavors are complimentary to the high standards of what most good music lovers are used.  Their latest 7″ drop, “Royal” b/w “Get What’s Yours” is a 2-for-1 sure shot that you’ll definitely want to add to your daily rotation and crate selections.

“First up, there’s some classic vintage soul vibes on the slinkily smooth sounds of ‘Royal’, which first appeared as a free download on Valentines Day last year. The inimitable vocals of Tyler Daley saunter atop a truly regal break on this essential slow jam – perfect quiet storm business.”

“On the flip, a more contemporary jam sitting somewhere in the cracks between neo-soul, new jack swing and hip hop, as CoZ do so well, on the uplifting new year, new mantra of ‘Get What’s Yours’, which previously appeared on First Word Records’ free annual compilation ‘Two Syllables’. A future anthem, for sure.”