Green Door Session – Krautsalat With JJ Whitefield

During this time of being locked into our homes and not having the luxury of venturing out to go to our favorite local spots to hear DJ’s play selections from their crates, we’ve been bombarded with many vying for our attention as they go live streaming from their bedrooms. With notifications going wild about this one and that one going live, it’s hard to decide which one is worth your attention as you mill around the house. With many of the DJ’s playing music thats familiar enough to keep an audience, very few have gone left to keep the attention of those who dig deeper and give them something more but that all changes  with a live set from heavy digger, JJ Whitefield.

Known for his deep selections of multiple genres, Whitefield filmed a live set for the Green Door Session featuring a full selection of obscure and classic Krautrock 45’s. Standing in your kitchen and streaming is one thing but doing a set complete with psychedelic visuals and colors really takes things to the next level.