Hell’s Belles (Trailer)

Tomorrow I’ll be uploading a new mix to my streaming app which you can download at https://nerve.fm/skemerichards/. Hell’s Belles is the title which was inspired by the 1969 Bikesploitation film of the same name.  If you love drums, fuzz and psychedelic flair then “Hell’s Belles” dives into my crates of psych rock, jazz-rock, funk-rock and Bikesploitation biker rock with a cinematic approach. This is one for the digging heads as well as those who are looking for something deeper to listening than just average playlists that you come across which is what I try to provide on my new streaming channel.

In preparation of the new mix launching, we’ll be screening the film here at Nostalgia King theaters. Grab a ticket, get you snacks and pull up a seat!