Huw Marc Bennett – Tresilian Bay

For the last few years, we think it’s safe to say that Jazz continues to be an exploding genre of sound with the many LP releases that have been dropping from across the globe and without a doubt being some of our favorite listens. Artists have really been exploring new sounds and grooves to keep things sounding fresh and of the moment while carrying on an aesthetic of tradition that continues it’s lineage. The latest drop to make it’s way to our ears from the Albert’s Favourites label is Huw Marc Bennett’s “Tresilian Bay” which make it’s pre-order debut.

Producer and bassist Huw Marc Bennett presents ‘Tresilian Bay’, a new project that draws from artists such as Tim Maia, Augustus Pablo and Idris Muhammed as much as the jazz scene and community he has found in south-east London. The languid, sultry sound fuses both modern and vintage, travelling from South London electronica, to Brazillian groove, Nigerian Afrobeat and Ghanaian Highlife along with a streak of Welsh psychedelia.