Collecting With The Nostalgia Queens

There are people who have a few things and then there are people who have things that make others drool with envy and it’s those types of collections that separate the two. Over the years I’ve met and become friends with collectors across the globe who have incredible archives of things and that keep me on my toes when it comes to always being on the hunt. And as someone who has multiple interests of various genres, it’s no surprise that I know people who are into just about everything ranging from of course records but comic books, vintage toys, video games, books and other cool things. During the quarantine though, a whole new world of collectors have been connecting via social media and with collectors interview series like Fatnice Presents STASH and Show off Your Gems. Through these series and social media in general, I’ve started to build new friendships and having great conversations with collectors across the globe, but one of the best things about this present time of everyone showing their collectibles is the the fact that there are more woman being seen.

There’s two things that I’ve always said about the collecting world. One is that there’s always some unknown person out there that has the dopest collection that will make all of the known collectors jealous and two, woman who collect often times have better and more unique collections than bragging male collectors who are simply trying to floss for their friends. I know a few collectors who collect what they have a connection to but then I know a lot who but and collect simply because other people have it which I always found really wack about the scene. If you look at someones collection and it has many of the same pieces that other collectors have, then you know it’s more of a “I need that too” mentality but with woman, they’re collecting from passion and personal interests. Although there are quite a few ladies on the scene building up great collections, there are a handful that really stand out in my book like @doublepeas, @fiftygirlsfifty @aprilrenee76 and @mskungfubokchoy to name a few. They each have unique items and obviously collect with personal interests in mind. I’ve known each of them for years now and have seen how their collections have really grown to include some jaw dropping pieces.

One of the things that really showed me how serious these ladies are were their methods of digging. They’re flea market and junk shop queens who know how to sniff out the goods, for cheap. They show restraint when looking for things and would rather have patience and wait for something to pop up at the right price rather than jump right onto eBay and hit the Buy It Now button for an inflated price. From portable record players and records to vintage t’s and sports cards. Vintage toys to comic books, puzzles and carded rack toys with just about everything else in between. The sheer quality (and volume) is eye expanding and really blows my mind on things that I didn’t know existed or things that I slept on in passing.

Collections aside, each of these woman are good people in general with great IG pages of just really dope content that any human would appreciate. Thanks for keeping me inspired via your pages and conversations!