Misha Panfilov & Shawn Lee

Making their debut on a funky 45 Friday, Misha Panfilov & Shawn Lee, two of the finest modern day composers and musicians deliver two lead singles via Funk Night Records from their upcoming full length collaborative LP, “Paradise Cove”. The two freshly pressed 45’s gives us the full course meal on what magic can be created from the recipes comes Panfilov and Lee who have both pleased ears sonically as individuals and now as a duo.

Both musicians have a full arsenal of sounds at their disposal and have made our daily rotations and listens much more enjoyable. From Library’esque flavors to Jazz and Psych, the assortment of soundscapes run deep with these two maestros which of course makes scooping up both 45’s as well as the upcoming LP, a no brainer!

Available now via https://funknight.bigcartel.com