Pigalle Connection – Casino & Church

Let’s talk about a serious double-sider 45 that’s not only a cinematic head nod gem that checks off all of the corrects boxes, but with a flip side that fits my optimal musical tastes, as well what I love pushing onto dance floors world wide. Open up your ears and what you’ll surely hear is the latest sure shot on the Mocambo label from Pigalle Connection. It’s been quite sometime since we’ve caught a new 45 from them (2015 to be exact) but their latest drop, “Casino & Church” b/w “Vendetta James” quickly reminded us how much we’ve missed them.

Led by French B3 Hammond maestro Guillaume Metenier and featuring an all-star lineup of musicians from the extended Mocambo fam, Pigalle Connection connect the dots between instrumental funk, b-boy breaks and cinematic soundscapes. After their celebrated and battle proven 45 “Paris Breakdown”, this fantasy funk supergroup is finally back with a new double delight on 7 inch wax.

As a heavy film lover, especially in the exploitation and spaghetti western genres, “Casino & Church” / “Vendetta James” showcases exactly the finer points of what makes these absolute gems are respected nods to Peter Thomas and Ennio Morricone, two massively influential score composers who both sadly passed away in 2020. A-side “Casino & Church” is a blistering blend of afro-boogie, breakbeat funk, blaxploitation and eurocinema, led by hypnotic percussion and an infectious guitar. Flip to the B-side for “Vendetta James”, where Mediterranean funk meets Italo Western and b-boy breaks in a sequence of hazy atmospheres and alluring moods.

Recorded live to 8-track tape with vintage equipment and instruments, both sides of Pigalle Connection’s new 45 showcase the band’s unique sound and deep appreciation for great film scores and heavy funk. This is of course, a no-brainer to add to your crate essentials and playlists for current live streams and future gatherings of dance floors across the globe.