The Art of Culture Power45

Normally I would have a lot to say or write about when it comes to posting a topic here at Nostalgia King but honestly, I’m not in the writing mood today after seeing how the verdict on the Breonna Taylor trial went down. Once again America has show exactly what it represents and who it represents in cases like this and many others.

They say music and art heals so I thought it a fitting day to revisit the Culture Power45 label discography while studying the cover artwork of many of their releases created by Marcellous Lovelace. The message is always in the music and the visuals that connect and there’s so much to see and hear that’s uplifting in every way. At some point, I’ll sit down and conduct an interview with Marcellous Lovelace on how he comes up with his works but for now, I’ll just enjoy the beauty of sight and sounds.