Return To The 42nd Chamber

Dropping this Friday, I’ll be releasing a new cassette project via Strictly Cassette that dives back into the cinematic world.

Hit the ticket booth for an afternoon matinee, grab your snacks and soda pop then take a seat as Skeme Richards takes a trip back to “Return To the 42nd Chamber” which pays homage to two of his favorite things, 1970’s Kung Fu flicks that screened in theaters on the seedy Times Square area of 42nd or commonly referred to as The Deuce and the cinematic soundtracks works by Lalo Schifrin and Roy Budd. On this gut busting adventure, The Nostalgia King has scoured through both his extensive VHS and soundtrack collection to recreate a cinematic excursion that combines film sound-bites and dialog with a soundtrack backdrop to tell a tale of deceit, street gangs, brothel brawls and territorial takeovers unlike anything ever before.

Are you ready to get your guts kicked out of you!?

Return to The 42nd Chamber will be available here in the Nostalgia King online store or over at Strictly Cassette.