Skeme Richards Featured In WDW3 Magazine

It hasn’t been a full 24 hours of the new year yet and already I’m feeling like it’s off to a great start! Dropping today via @holymountainprinting is the new issue of WDW3 (We Do What We Want) magazine that I am featured in and looks absolutely amazing. Issue 2 of the mag features more great content which includes art, music, culture, toy collecting and of course skateboarding. It literally is the perfect magazine in my opinion that covers all of the things that I would want in a magazine. And in 2021, it shows that print media is still very much a thing especially when time and care has been put in to present it correctly.

The latest issue has great interviews with Death Metal bands, Grave Diggaz spotlight, an interview with Kaiju toy creator and collector Mark Nagata and a great spread and interview on the classic anime / toy line, Shogun Warriors which I am featured in discussing my history of the series and collecting it.

Be sure to check grab a copy of the new issue over at