Fantasy 15 – Burgundy Mist

The hits just keep coming with a solid array of musical selections that deliver more than enough eargasm’s to help guide us through these winter months in search of warmer weather and Fantasy 15 is just the band to help make that happen. The band of mortal fighters striving to prevent an evil & merciless digital government from destroying the entire galaxy…Armed with analog synthesizers and a never ending supply of primordial rhythms reminiscent of Nigerian funk, Brazilian tropicalia and New York City new wave, the rebel group works diligently day and night to save all of humanity from the horrors of robotic automation. When they are not busy saving the world, Fantasy 15 serve as the house band for Philadelphia-based “Synth & Soul” record label Eraserhood Sound.

Following up on their 2020 debut 45, they’re back with another slice of cinematic explosion with a synth heavy double-sider featuring “Burgundy Mist” b/w “Percy St.”shooting them deep into the Earth’s atmosphere. The lead single “Burgundy Mist” is a lush, tropical slow jam featuring a sophisticated rhythm section, electrifying guitars, and euphoric flutes. The flip takes us to “Percy St.” and features a hypnotic groove, bolts of analog synthesizer, and angelic vocal harmonies.

This 45 proves to be another masterful slice of intergalactic synth funk from Fantasy 15 and who would’ve ever thought that they’d be situated right here in our own backyards of Philly? Definitely looking forward this band blowing up across the globe and become the household name that they deserve to be!

Highly Recommended