Fantasy 15 – Zoltandia

If you can judge a book by it’s cover then you will instantly find some familiarity in the very cosmic cover art of the upcoming Fantasy 15 album, Zoltandia that is reminiscent of what you would find on the pages of issues of Marvel Comics series like Silver Surfer or Captain Marvel. If that’s what you gathered from it then you’re on the right track and that’s exactly the sound that you are going to hear through the speakers on the first needle drop. On first listen, Zoltandia is absolutely amazing and everything that we would expect from a group whose name actually references on the of the most valuable comic books of all time, Amazing Fantasy #15 which is the first appearance of Spider-Man.

After years of rising anticipation which saw the group release a handful of now-sold out, highly sought-after 45s, Fantasy 15 have delivered a modern synth-funk opus. The album, named after the group’s remote home planet, is a dazzling display, and features an audacious blend of soul, funk, disco, boogie, house, hip hop, New Wave, and much more. Zoltandia is a true sonic journey, a concept album that tells the fantastical tale of the beloved freedom fighters Fantasy 15. The group, whose true identity has always been a mystery, push the limits of their musical experimentation further than ever.

Leading single “Interplanetary Lover” features the show-stopping Kendra Morris on lead vocals, and serves as the group’s first proper love song. Elsewhere, the title track “Zoltandia” features chanting group vocals and a disco-boogie groove that nods to legends like William Onyeabor and Kiki Gyan. As always, the group’s material was recorded and produced at Eraserhood Sound’s in-house analog recording studio in Philadelphia. Words can only do so much, however, to fully describe the scale and beauty of Fantasy 15’s story. Pick up a copy of their debut LP today, and prepare to enjoy the journey of a lifetime.