Adam Scone – Low & Slow

If you check back over the last couple of years, I’ve stated that it would be an incredible year for Jazz vinyl releases by artists from across the globe which was definitely the case. Kicking off 2021 I made the same prediction and in only a few short months, we’ve been treated to some incredible LP’s that have remained in our listening rotation and from the looks of things, we’re in for much more before we even reach the half way mark of the year.

Excitedly waiting for the mailman to ring the bell and arriving in the post today was the new solo album by Adam Scone (of Scone Cash Players) which prior to him hipping me a few weeks back, I was unaware of. Adam’s message went a little something like “Hey, I’m dropping this new solo Jazz LP that I want you to check out”. To date, any project that he’s been involved in I’ve absolutely loved so how could I not love “Low & Slow”, the 6-track release by the man who plays the organ like how I play the turntables, with style and class.

The release features Adam Scone (b3 organ), Ian  Hendrickson-Smith (baritone saxophone), Tom Beckham  (vibes), Tsutomu Nakai (guitar) and Aaron Thurson (drums) and was recorded live at GBs Juke Joint on October 29, 2017 by Glen Forrest. Low & Slow features a few original tunes written with the others being cover versions that were done so well that they’ve made them their own. If you’re looking to add to your Jazz crates then I highly recommend grabbing this LP and dropping the needle down as soon as you slice the shrink wrap!