Renegades Of Jazz ft. Alexia Coley – Magic Touch

You can tell from the first 30 seconds of something if you’re going to like it or not and after hearing the upcoming Renegades Of Jazz 7″ single featuring Alexia Coley, we knew it was a hit which obviously is the reason why Germany’s Our Label Records decided to pick it up.

Soul singer Alexia Coley from West London and German producer David Hanke aka Renegades Of Jazz team up for ‘Magic Touch’, an up tempo Soulshaker par excellence. Originally conceived but not marked for inclusion in Hanke’s 2019 Nevertheless album release, Magic Touch was a masterpiece waiting to happen.

A big fan of Alexia Coley’s debut release, Keep the Faith, Hanke sort out Coley to complete the track with her unique voice and lyric writing. The sublime result of their collaboration was recorded by Nick Manasseh at The Yard, London. A one listen only moment for Our Label Records supremo, Gu made it an essential release for the Germany based label.

Head over to Our Label Records for the sound clip!