Move 78 – Follow The Earworm

Flying in today and arriving in the post from across the pond is the latest single by the Berlin based Jazz collective known as Move 78 and it’s a beauty! Previously recorded during the same sessions that became the bands debut EP, “Follow The Earworm” b/w “Hectic As Fuck” is a perfect double A-sider setting two different vibes that connect to make a complete listen. On Follow The Earworm we can’t help but to get a Johnny Pate Blaxploitation vibe which definitely tickled our cinematic ear and we love it.

There’s something special in the water over there in Berlin with what Move 78 are doing and we’re hoping to hear more of it in the near future. The tight knit collective of Nir Sabag (drums), Hal Strewe (bass), Aver (sampler/production) & Doron Segal (keys) are showing just what you can come up with from hours of studio improvisations that are chopped-up, rearranged, and layered with additional strings, flute & horns to make a soundscape and recording complete. 

Highly recommended so grab yourself a copy and enjoy!