Digging Rhode Island

Regardless of the world events of Covid happening and gigs still not in full swing, 2021 was a solid year of digging and hitting shops for both records and comics. Being a collector really is one of the things that has kept me going during these last two years and has occupied my time in between working on projects and releases. Hitting shops both locally as well as taking a few flights, the final stop of the year was a short trip to Rhode Island to hit a few shops including Music Research Library and Time Capsule.

As always with my digging trips before flying out, I make sure to do my homework on places to checkout before landing which usually consists of places that I’m familiar with or have a relationship with and ones that I’m checking for the first time but may already be familiar with because of social media presence or interactions. Out of the various stops, I was very familiar with Music Research Library and have met with before but Time Capsule was a first time that came recommended from a few people.

My goal for 2021 when on record buying trips was to get back to taking dealer recommendations on records that they knew I would be into that I may not have been familiar with. Doing this actually opened me up to and added quite a few new pieces to my collection that I wouldn’t have been on the hunt for otherwise. Time Capsule lived up to exactly what I was hopping for, cheap, quality back issue bins filled with gold, silver and bronze books spanning just about every title and the icing on the cake was the 50% deal that was happening that day. It wasn’t about the grails at this point, it was about filling in gaps and trying to complete runs for as cheap as possible. After hitting a few more shops, I felt more than satisfied in making the 1 hour flight to Rhode island even with the 3 hour flight delay coming back home.