Waxvillain’s Wax Wear 45 Custom Sleeves

Over the last two years of the pandemic, a lot of artists and creators have been diving into different areas to express their creativity and pushing new interests forward. One of the homies that’s shifted gears and doing cool things in the realm of 45’s is Waxvillain. Although he’s not a DJ, he is a lover and collector of 45’s and has been pushing new soul releases forward as well as interviewing various artists and independent label owners via his Instagram page.

But what brings us here at this moment is his artists outlet in designing a variety of 45 sleeves under his Wax Wear 45 brand. 7 sleeves in total, each screen printed with a vintage aesthetic that would make your precious soul 45’s look even more expensive and collectible. Sleeves come in varying themes including a circa 1950’s space theme, art deco’esque design, oldies promo only sleeve and a diamond sleeve for the real gems in your collection.

Nothing says you’re serious about your collection than going the extra mile by adding custom sleeves and these look great and would compliment and collection. Check him out on his Instagram at @waxvillain.