Dewey Kenmore – Before We Say Goodbye

Seasons are changing, the sun is blessing us with longer hours which means it’s time for our feel good musical rotation to start taking effect and why not start the playlist out with the latest on COSA Records by Dewey Kenmore. “Before We Say Goodbye” is exactly the perfect soundtrack that we would enjoy while relaxing out on the deck on a Saturday afternoon either alone and reflecting about life or as the backdrop to the day while having friends over to enjoy a few beers out on the deck.

“Before We Say Goodbye” opens dramatically with a whirling organ, setting the stage then crescendoing until the rhythm section takes over with a strikingly tough cha-cha inspired backbeat. Dewey’s subtle yet relatable lyrics hit home as he pleads about unrequited love, repeating as if falling on deaf ears with seemingly no resolve.

Dewey Kenmore’s sound is exactly what we need over here on the East Coast and connects the dots for those stints when we’re itching to take the 5 hr flight to L.A. to soak in those Cali vibes and sun rays. Highly recommended and an essential spin at your next Funk & Soul night coast to coast and points in between.