Big Jacks Ft. Angela Apigo – Sunflower EP

On any given day that you receive a post from the Yung Snack Lord aka DJ Big Jacks, the first thing you do after it’s arrival is immediately open the package and see what tasty treats have arrived. Knowing the Lord’s history and upstanding credentials as both a DJ and producer, it’s perfectly acceptable to assume that your ears will be thoroughly in tuned as soon as you drop the needle down. In the case of today’s postal delivery, we have exhibit A, the debut Sunflower EP featuring Angela Apigo which was produced entirely by Big Jacks himself.

Sunflower is a soulful journey that blossoms from beginning to end and tells a beautiful story of life, love and the happiness that surrounds sung by songstress Angela Apigo. Five songs covering the A-side was the perfect length for us to dive into while the b-side gives us instrumentals versions so that we can truly appreciate Big Jacks production skills and dissect every instrument and sound that’s built this EP.

Get down on the get down and grab Sunflower to play as your backdrop for this Summers anthem while cruising the street or relaxing on the deck enjoying drinks and taking in the sights.