Never Enough Records

Heading back to Helsinki Finland this week as well as Chicago, Miami and Paris to name a few places in the upcoming weeks which means I needed to get serious about going through records for gig and travels. Over the last 2 years of not being able to travel, surprisingly labels have still been turning out records so the promos have been piling up without any places to play them but the time is now. Between the records already in the collection and newly released records received, I’m more than ready to bless dance floors across the globe with music that they need to hear.

For a DJ that travels carrying vinyl, the process of picking which records to carry isn’t easy especially when you’re not picking the typical go to hits and are packing a nice stack of records that need to be broken on the scene mixed with heavy hitters and lesser known titles. But that’s the joy of playing and breaking records is to see what works and what doesn’t, what can become an anthem or classic that crowds can’t wait to hear.

Even when you think you have all that you need, you never have enough records even when you’re packing more than enough.