Konkolo Orchestra – Blue G. ft. Nongoma b/w That Good Thing

Let’s start out by saying that in 2022 there has not been a short of amazing music being released from independent labels and artists across the board and genres. And with the amount of music being released, it’s become way too easy to miss out on a drop then catch wind of it shortly after only to play catch which is the case with the latest by Konkolo Orchestra on Rocafort Records. Konkolo Orchestra delivers a serious double-sider that gets the dance floor worked up in a feverish state that’s surely to have dancers in full swing and sweating up a storm.

“A side, Blue G. opens explosively and delivers all that it promises in the opening bars: beautifully orchestrated twists and turn that chug along instrumentally for half the track. South African singer Nongoma unexpectedly adds a vocal spin in English and Xhosa, and with the catchy lyrics of “all the children need love, peace and harmony”, it’s a delight to be swept up in this swirling, festive, solar energy.”

“The B side, That Good Thing, follows on at exactly the same tempo, weaving horns, guitars, keys and numerous percussions in and out of an equally infectious groove. A highly polished track, full of rises and falls in all the right places.”