Red Bull / Technics DJ Workshop and Lecture

Last weekend I had the pleasure of doing my second workshop / lecture as part of the Red Bull BC One event sponsored by Technics, this time taking in place in New York for the BC One World Finals. It was another great session being able to chat with a select group in attendance as I broke down not only DJ history and philosophy of DJ culture but also breaking down the music and foundations of Black music, history and culture.

Whenever I do these types of workshops I always look around the room and see who is in attendance and know that they are there for a reason and are truly interested in learning so that they themselves can carry on a lineage and push forth history. Understanding the culture, the music and the people that made the music is what should ultimately make someone a better Bboy or Bgirl as the connection becomes stronger with those who created some of the most amazing music during some of the harshest times in American history. Racism, civil rights, social and political happenings all played a major part in the music that was created and was one of the main reasons why James Brown said, “I’m Black and I’m Proud”.

I’ve witnessed others within the Bboy / Bgirl scene “discussing” or trying to educate but this is different and deeper than just being around Black people or culture and regurgitating other peoples stories or history. This is something that I live and was born into, this is the music that was played in my household, there’s memories and imagery connected to this. You can’t try to educate others if you’re not from the culture, this isn’t textbook history, this is first hand experiences, lineage and years of being surround by it.


Photos (c) Nika Kramer