Not Just Rock Expo

The day after Thanksgiving is the annual Not Just Rock expo which brings together record dealers (and other musical collectibles dealers) who set up shop to sell not just Rock records but also Jazz, Soul and more. Attending both comic and record shows post covid, I’ve noticed the dealer attendance is somewhat less especially from the old guys who used to be in abundance. It seems that many of them either stopped doing shows because of covid or have passed away. Either way, the lack of them being around is really being felt especially for collectors.

Arriving a few hours after opening and scouring the bins, pickings was rather slim in the department of Jazz and Soul records so I pulled a few rather clean and cheap pieces which serve as doubles or trades in the future. As with most of these rock shows, there’s always a few other things to be had so I caught a dealer that had posters, music related books and a few classic 1960’s horror magazines which I couldn’t pass up. Finding clean issues of Master World or Famous Monsters of Filmland in the field and not at a comic show has become rather rare I had to grab them.

Bonus points after a long stretch of just missing each other, I finally got to meet up with record dealer, film lover and homie Dino aka Domcasualdiscos who drove down to sell at the show.

Total time spent was a solid 2hrs and although there wasn’t anything crazy to be had for my collection, had I not gone then I would’ve been wondering what I missed out on.