Solomon King Screening At The Ritz 5 (Philadelphia)

The once “lost” and now newly rediscovered / restored Blaxploitation film, Solomon King which has been making it’s way to select theaters will be getting a special midnight screening in Philadelphia at the Landmark Ritz 5 theater. In addition to this must see film getting a Philadelphia area screening, I have the pleasure and honor of introducing the film before the lights go down and movie begins which is exciting for me as a lover of the genre and collector of memorabilia.

Over the years I’ve curated and introduced several different screenings including a double feature in Köln Germany which screened Master of The Flying Guillotine with Black Caesar and in Amsterdam which featured 5 Fingers of Death and Kid With The Golden arm.

The midnight screening happens February 18th and early bird tickets are available now and highly recommended via





The long-lost, independently financed Black urban crime/action film SOLOMON KING (1974) from actor, writer, producer and director Sal Watts was shot in Oakland, CA in 1973 with a cast of mostly non-professional actors, a stunning soul-funk soundtrack, and incredible clothes from Watts’s own Mr. Sal’s Fashion stores. In the vein of SHAFT and DOLEMITE, SOLOMON KING stars Watts as an ex-CIA operative / ex-Green Beret / nightclub owner seeking violent revenge for the murder of his girlfriend by hitmen working for an oil-obsessed Middle Eastern ruler. The film has been digitally restored with the cooperation of the filmmaker’s widow, Belinda Burton-Watts (who appears in the film), utilizing one of the only surviving complete prints of the film from the UCLA Film & TV Archive alongside the original soundtrack elements.