Jungle Fire – Together B/W Movin’ On

What we have here is exhibit A / B with the upcoming single from Jungle Fire who absolutely nailed a double-sider with two of our favorite cuts and Funk 45’s that never get old. Covering two very familiar tunes that have only gotten better with age, the band puts their usual unique spin which makes this a crate essential for the modern era.

Previously a digital single only, Jungle Fire put their spin on the Ray Barretto Latin Funk classic “Together” was put out in 2020 in support of Black Lives Matter and acknowledgment that African culture has been the backbone, soul and spirit of societal fabric since the dawn of humanity. A song whose message and spirit always united and ignited the audience, it was a much-needed offering to fans at a time of escalated urgency in the sociopolitical climate. Within their rendition, you can here the powerful output of brotherhood that’s much needed in the current state of social affairs in this country today.

On the B-side, the band takes on the Brass Construction classic, “Movin’ On.” and gives it the Latin Funk treatment which enhances the entire spectrum of the original. Cut at a faster tempo and more drive than the original, Jungle Fire is the only group we can think of that can deliver this kind of performance, matched with Allensworth’s gritty yet soulful lead, to bring you two sides of serious heat that the band has consistently brought over the past decade.