CHAMP @ The Room Shibuya (Recap)

Well my Magma Taishi Returns Japan tour is officially underway and it’s been a whirlwind since landing 3 days ago but let’s get to business with major shouts to one of my favorite parties in the world, CHAMP. I’ve played this party at The Room in Shibuya 5 times (I believe!?) and each time it’s equally as fun and amazing. The CHAMP lineup of DJ’s always bring out and play the most amazing records from jazz to funk, disco to soul, soundtracks to library all within a party setting of music lovers.

With another packed night in Shibuya, it was great to see so many familiar faces, friends, DJ’s and even meet new people who were in town on holiday and were recommended to go to The Room to hear me play. This is one of the things that I really love about traveling international for gigs, you never know who you might meet or who has heard of you and decided to come hear you. What are the chances that I would meet a couple from Philly who were visiting a friend that teaches in Japan who referred them to The Room because a Philly native would be DJ’ing!?

Of course after the long night which ended at 5am, it was a short walk in the rain with some of the resident DJ’s to my favorite after hours ramen spot, Kamakura for a hot bowl of ramen before making it back home by 7am. Something about these types of late nights around friends that I don’t get often that I love.

Arigato! CHAMP and The Room!