Rogê – Pra Vida b/w Existe Uma Voz

It’s been a few weeks since I’ve left for a 5 week long Japan tour and during that time, the promos have been piling up waiting for my return so that I could crack the packaging tape and dive into what new music has arrived in my absence. Starting at the top of the pile and obviously making the right choice to do so, the first package that I opened comes via Diamond West Records and a gem of a 45 by rising Brazilian singer and songwriter, Rogê.

At first listen after dropping the needle down, our ears were absolutely blown away by this double-sider which captures the essence of 60’s Brazilian funk and samba soul but in a 2023 fashion keeping with the authenticity of the sound and genre. “Pra Vida” features a lush string arrangement by underground legend Arthur Verocai while “Existe Uma Voz” is an irresistible stripped down funk groover that’s slowly gaining traction across the globe.

Over the last few years, Brazilian records have become heavy digs for collectors while seeing prices skyrocketing which makes this a very important records to catch now before everyone else get’s hipped to it and becomes a future dig of tomorrow (at tomorrow’s prices of course). This is an absolute beauty that should make for a crate staple and worked into your sets immediately!

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