Dusty Donuts 018

Life has really been in a crazy place over the last couple of months but one of things that has been keeping us leveled is the music that surrounds us. From some of our favorite DJ’s continuing to do great online mixes, live streams and of course labels that have continued to release records for us to spin. It’s been a minute since we’ve heard from our friends over at Dusty Donuts who have been keeping busy for sure, but they’ve finally returned from the pressing plant with a box of goodies ready to deliver to the doorsteps of DJ’s during the pandemic.

Summer is here and whilst no-one will be flying to the Copacabana Beach anytime soon, we can travel their with our ears. The A-side once again finds Jim Dunloop working his magic and transports us to the storied city of Rio with latin guitar licks, warm bass lines and vocals as sweet as Brigadeiro. A summertime sure shot and one that we so need right now as most of us are trapped at home with only a balcony or patio space which has become our only travel destination.

Flip the 7″ over and Mr Dunloop smacks you with a hammy and links up with Berlin stalwart GRZLY Adams to provide a lovely slice of Boom Bap that’ll make you stone crazy. The Beat is sweet as a
nut(s). The wah-wah guitar and breezy vocal have definitely got that funk.

You know the routine, another Dusty Donuts gem.